The World's First Cellular Powered Brand Command Center!

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You read that right. 100% wireless cellular data powering our entire Brand Command Center consisting of an 8 screen NEC media wall and an 84" NEC stand-alone display, running effortlessly for the past 90 days without a single hiccup.

This innovation stems from our ongoing support of customers that enable Brand Command Centers for events and conventions like SXSW and the SuperBowl, all notorious for connectivity issues. This also served our customers that have very strict network security policies, think bank branches and hospitals, where they are kept from adding network media players or digital signage devices to the local network.


With that said, this is not a system that was taken lightly in design. With help from our trusted partners at AT&T, Verizon, NEC, and Juniper Networks we were able to fill this need in the market. Ideacage is now able to offer customers a fully managed, network redundant, turnkey display solution including bandwidth, protected by a powerful firewall, and supported by instant cellular failover that switches provider networks if connectivity is compromised.

One of it's best features is no more hassles about gaining network access and strict local security protocols. There's also no need for a giant unsightly server rack in plain sight or a server closet that looks like a scary bondage chamber to power your Brand Command Center. Just a few devices smaller than your laptop mounted discretely behind your displays creating a managed display solution that you can set up anywhere, anytime.


The ability for a brand to rapidly prop up a temporary or permanent set of displays completely managed by a third party was a solution the market needed but did not have access to previously. We even went as far as setting up the display in the parking lot of Dallas Cowboy's stadium at a brand tailgate activation for one of AT&T's clients, to prove, that in one of the most cellular challenged environments known to field marketers the system would keep it's solid connection to Wifi and never break a sweat, and that's exactly what happened. Problem solved.

We've already begun successfully deploying solutions to customers in the banking, conference, and healthcare industries. If you'd like to learn more about our Ideacage Cellular Display Solutions please don't hesitate to send me a message on LinkedIn or email to schedule a meeting.

Have any of these challenges kept you or your clients from activating displays, let us know in the comments.