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Since 2012, Ideacage has done more than refine an old technology: We've started a whole new industry. Guided by demand in the marketplace, we fused a unique managed display interface with a compact network media player to create a compelling and scalable visualization platform. Ideacage builds everything in-house at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. To achieve optimal performance, all of our products are tested and preconfigured in our lab prior to shipment, making every deployment a painless process for our customers.

"The Next Generation Brand Command Center."




Ideacage only builds media players using Intel's best of breed processors attached to industry leading NEC commercial displays. Even our HDMI cables are the best. Building devices can be a tedious process but it doesn’t mean you can use inexpensive or untested technology that’s not going to exceed the customers expectations. We want to give our customers reliable, scalable, and easy to use media players and displays that come with a proven 3yr. warranty. Most of all, we want our customers to expand visualizations across their enterprise without the worries and complexities that come with using second rate hardware and software solutions that were designed for Sports Bars. 


Display Engine Technology

Designed for displaying real-time data our proprietary Display Engine web application paired with our Display Engine network media player, is a powerful combination allowing customers the ability to address dozens of visualization use cases. If you're standing up a single big screen at an event or building a sophisticated media wall in a Brand Command Center, we've got you covered. Simply load the URLs and data sources you use everyday into the Display Engine web application and you'll be able to instantly choreograph, schedule, and distribute visualizations to any Ideacage connected TV, projector, or media wall. Our Display Engine media players come in two exciting flavors, the cost-effective DE3 that is meant for single screen activations, and the powerful DE5 that is designed for media walls to control screen tiling, screen sharing, volume up/down, as well as meeting green power requirements for large campuses. We also offer our media players in two data formats, on-network that requires the device to be on your network or Wifi, and our industry leading off-network device that is powered via redundant cellular connections allowing customers to prop up displays anywhere they want without having to worry about stringent IT security requirements or events famous for saturated connectivity issues.  

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Ideacage offers clients a number of supporting services to activate your connected screens and software solutions. From building project scoping materials including pricing and renderings to convince the boss you need budget for your project, or perhaps project managing a large scale system deployment you've already gotten approved. Providing our customers upfront training and ongoing visual storyboarding consulting from industry experts, all the way to installing systems in any of your locations around the globe. We have the best people, tools, and resources to guarantee a successful deployment. If you have an event coming up that requires rental screens and equipment as well as feet on the ground, we're your one stop shop for event activations. 



To say that Matt Murphy and Stephen Loeckle are passionate about command center visualization technology would be a drastic understatement, and if you've met them you already know that. Stephen was raised on a steady diet of network security and code compiling in his previous corporate roles helping clients like NASA and American Airlines design and build the most secure hardware and software solutions on the planet. Matt blames his technology obsession on his consulting customers, spending the better part of 20 years helping partners and clients solve problems by applying technology solutions to tricky business issues. Dissatisfied with the current A/V vendor ecosystem providing command center and stand alone screen solutions to corporations, Matt and Stephen made a commitment to disrupt the world of Enterprise visualizations and set out to defeat the global providers who were building sports bars rather than the next generation of Brand Command Centers. Stephen and Matt are both industry thought leaders in their own right, and they share a strong belief that customers deserve the best outcomes, so what they've created at Ideacage is a win-win for the whole marketplace.