Social Media Command Center Bundled Solutions

Ideacage is at the forefront of Social Media Command Center technology and has developed a bundled command center solution that scales to meet the needs of any organization.

The solution is centered around high definition thin bezel displays from NEC and Planar being driven by our HP based IC13 media display server and controlled by our innovative Command & Control application. Once you have identified a location for your command center and selected the bundled solution that best fits your requirements the experienced team at Ideacage will bring your social media command center to life in less than a week.

The team at Ideacage also trains your users to manage the system with proficiency as well as support it technically. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly into any Enterprise IT environment and display data from any type of URL based data source or cloud based system.

Ask us about our most popular command center bundles, the budget minded IC446 that features four 46″ Planar displays, the gorgeous NEC646 that has six 46″ NEC zero-bezel displays, and the powerful IC655 that features six 55″ Planar displays to conquer any conference room. All three systems come installed with all the hardware required including displays, optional Crestron A/V digital switching, the IC13 media display server, and the Ideacage Command & Control application controlling all the action.



Command & Control App

The Ideacage Command & Control cloud application is the key ingredient to activating your command center across teams and departments resulting in an immediate ROI for social engagement. By removing the users need to be able to navigate technically cumbersome social media management dashboards our solution allows users of any skill level to jump into the system and gain social insights.


iC13 Media Display Server

Creating an interactive user interface on a command center display wall is no easy task but Ideacage has developed an HP based proprietary server that turns your social media command center into and intuitive and exciting visualization solution that is not only easy to use but incredibly engaging for users and visitors.

Scalable from two displays to hundreds of displays, the ability to create a media wall interface that acts like a large single display computer desktop makes using the system as easy as using your current laptop. The IC13 server also allows the displays to be used individually or expand to use the whole media wall as one giant display making for exciting presentations and team sharing functionality.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 3.53.09 PM

Solution Partners & Resellers

Ideacage is focused on delivering the best social media command center solutions in the market with the help of our valued partners and resellers. Our command center solutions will work with any social media management/listening software. We have also worked very closely with our strategic partners to present the most reliable, scalable, and proven social media command center solution in the industry meaning our clients get industry best practices right out of the box from Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and Brandwatch.

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