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Screen Control App

The innovative Screen Control App allows organizations to distribute any URL based Enterprise dashboards, digital scoreboards, social intelligence data, and creative briefing visualizations to any display in the Enterprise from their laptop, phone, or tablet device. Our clients know from large scale command centers to the display in your break room keeping their employees and leaders informed with visualizations while providing a sharable platform for exciting presentations or video conferences are the results they get using the Ideacage Screen Control platform.



Creating efficiencies across your organization is easy with the Ideacage Screen Control App – with just one employee operating the app, typically from HQ, loading a multitude of ‘visual playlists and URLs’ including content with information, reporting, and visualizations specific to your needs across your departments and regions. So whether those are in a different state, or a different country; businesses with global operations don’t have to expand their employee resources to reap the benefits and actionable insights gained from the Ideacage Command Center model.

Add Ideacage hardware solutions and picture the ease of ordering a single Ideacage Intel N-EXP powered by the Ideacage Screen Control App– shipping it to a specific location anywhere on the globe– attaching it to your network ,to a display, and getting live content streaming right away.

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Do you want to know what kind of data clients are already displaying from our Screen Control platform to displays across their Enterprises? We fully support instant secure login and expand screen functions for these 28 cloud platforms directly from our Screen Control app.


N-EXP Processing Solutions

Creating an intuitive user interface on a large media wall is no easy task but Ideacage has developed the Intel based N-EXP Network Expansion Device that turns your social media command center media wall and your Enterprise displays into an intuitive visualization solution that is not only easy to use but incredibly engaging for users and visitors. The N-EXP allows you to optimize your current investment in stand alone displays across your Enterprise with a simple HDMI connection in a device the size of an Apple TV allowing you to simply plug in and activate your displays in the lobby or the break room, kiosks in the executive wing, and even your retail locations or a special events.

System health is always in good hands because the N-EXP processor combined with our Ideacage Screen Control application creates a real time fully monitored solution from end to end. This allows the Ideacage Screen Control App to notify the client or even automatically resolve issues related to network connectivity, hardware reboot, or even software and browser conflicts in real time saving your IT organization the hassle of dealing with non-mission critical system issues.




Ideacage is focused on delivering the best Enterprise Command Center Solutions on the market with the help of our valued partners and resellers. Our solutions will work with any social media management software and visualization platform as well as any cloud based URL system or visualizations. We have also worked closely with our strategic partners to present the most reliable, scalable, and proven social media command center and managed visualization solutions in the industry meaning our clients get industry best practices right out of the box from Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and Brandwatch.

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