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Screen Control Service

The innovative Screen Control web service allows a company the ability to organize, manage, schedule, and distribute any URL from the internet including social listening platforms, digital signage, customer care dashboards, CRM dashboards, internal corporate communications, live video, and SaaS based visualizations, to any digital display in their enterprise. This is done by simply connecting one of our Intel N-EXP Pro or Lite network media players to your digital display with an HDMI cable, connect the internet, press the on button, and you’re ready to begin displaying data that can easily be controlled from your phone, laptop, or tablet.



Departmental efficiencies across your organization are simple to exploit with Screen Control. In most cases one employee can operate the service, typically from HQ, loading a multitude of ‘visual playlists and logged in URLs’ from any type of SaaS platform directly into Screen Control. That individual can then remotely manage and schedule content specific to the needs across all displays without physically being in the same room or location thus not requiring additional real time on the ground support for meetings and special events.

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Clients are already displaying the following SaaS platforms natively from our Screen Control service to their visual displays across their enterprise. We fully support instant secure login and instant expand screen functions for these cloud platforms directly from our Screen Control service so no need for those pesky keyboards and mice.

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We offer two models of our Intel-based N-EXP media players.

The N-EXP Pro is the perfect solution for a multiple display configuration media wall for controlling the displays, including switching inputs, setting power schedules to meet your facility energy plan, and tiling visualizations from a single screen to multiple screens.



Our N-EXP Lite is the perfect solution for your stand alone displays in lobbies, break rooms, or executive suites, as well as events, and retail kiosks. Turn any single display into an intuitive and exciting visualization tool that is not only simple to use but incredibly engaging for users and visitors.


System health is always in good hands because the N-EXP combined with our Screen Control web service creates a real-time fully monitored end to end solution with the security measures your IT department expects. The Screen Control web service automatically resolves issues related to network connectivity, hardware reboots, software updates and browser conflicts, saving your IT organization the hassle of dealing with non-mission critical system issues.


NEC Displays

Ideacage offers a number of turn key command center solutions featuring the Ideacage Screen Control web service powering Ideacage N-EXP Pro series network media players connected directly to NEC X series or P series Slim or Zero Bezel Commercial Grade LED Displays and DLP Projectors. With a powerful preconfigured managed display solution you are able to control onscreen tiling, remote input switching for additional devices like Apple TV, CCTV Feeds, or video conferencing cameras, remote power on/off, remote volume up/down, scheduled power on/off, for any display in your enterprise from any browser enabled device.

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Ideacage is focused on delivering the best enterprise command center solutions in the marketplace with the help of our valued partners and resellers. Our solutions work with any social media management software and visualization platform as well as any cloud based URL system or URL based visualizations. We have also worked closely with our premium strategic partners Sprinklr and Brandwatch to present the most reliable, scalable, and proven social media command center and managed visualization solutions in the industry.

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